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Pros And Cons Of Home Additions

Adding value to a house is important because there may come a time when you decide to sell it. Getting a good price will allow you to live out your days in comfort or invest it in a long-planned business venture.

One way to add value is with home additions. They’re also a practical solution to creating more living space rather than purchasing a new, larger house. However, just like how any remodeling project has its cons, home additions also come with a few considerations.

The pros

Cheaper way to make space: Home additions are a lot cheaper than building or buying a larger house. You create only as much as space you need. There’s less waste. Building materials, labor charge, and construction time are all reduced so you pay far less than you would with a new house.

You get to stay where you are: A home addition is just an extension of the existing house which means you can continue living where you are while enjoying extra space. Houses have sentimental value especially if they’re ancestral properties so this is a great advantage if yours is as well.

You get the look you want: With a home addition, you get to customize the space exactly according to how you want. Maybe you prefer all-glass spaces with the natural light streaming in and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Or perhaps you like the idea of environment-friendly living in which case you can consider a prefab installation. There are so many ideas to consider. Run them by your remodeler who can give you useful suggestions and let you know when ideas are not workable.

Potential for increasing home value: While home additions generally increase value, not all do. It depends on what it looks like, how well it’s built and whether it maintains the overall beauty of the existing house.

The cons

It can devaluate the house: While home additions have great potential to up the value of property there’s the risk of ‘over improving’ it. Not all buyers may be receptive to your customized design and may not even need the extra space. All the work put in could force you to sell at a very high price that buyers may not be willing to meet.

Consult your remodeler and speak with a realtor if you plan to sell soon. They can tell you how to add space without ruining your chances of getting a good price.

Less yard space: Home additions naturally use yard space and this isn’t a big deal provided you don’t need it. However, if yard space is important to you, you may find the sudden shrink disconcerting. Decide if you can live with this and only then go ahead with the project.

More utility expenses: The new space will require utilities. Be prepared to spend. Some don’t properly factor in the cost of running an additional room and are surprised by the spike. This can take the excitement out of having extra space.

As you can see, home additions have their upsides and drawbacks. As long as you know what to expect and have the project overseen by a competent remodeler, you can enjoy everything the new space has to offer. Think long and hard and consult a contractor before making a decision.